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Why a firewall is important in a company?

3In order to understand what a firewall truly is and why a firewall is important in a company, one can imagine a building that is about to be consumed by an uncontrolled fire. There is a firm wall that protects the most important parts of a building so that fire cannot spread. Thus, a firewall is designed to function as a barrier between valuable property and wild fire. Due to a similar function that it serves, the first line of computer defense against any potential threat is known as a firewall. The name itself derives not only from a fire protection of a building. It is in fact rooted in other devices’ names and functions such as for instance a special metal sheeting that protects humans in a car or aircraft. Analogically, a firewall is expected to ensure the private or business network safety providing a successful defense from any potential threat or damage risk. Protection is provided through the continuous process of monitoring network traffic on a regular basis. The process involves both: monitoring incoming as well as outgoing data so that computer safety from possible network dangers is ensured.

There are numerous reasons why a firewall is important in a company regardless of the company type and business area. Foremost, a firewall is used to prevent any possibility of computer access when it is not authorized. This function is crucial because when a firewall (for example: Cisco firewalls) is not installed or installed but not activated there is a major as well as dangerously increased risk of loosing a safeguard. Safeguard is responsible for preventing such threats as spam, source routing and application backdoors.