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Characteristics of the right firewall

3The fact that a firewall is used either in a company or by an individual user may give one a false sense of security. An awareness of characteristics of the right firewall is the highest priority as only the most suitable software is able to defend a particular system. The most common reason of computers’ vulnerability for attacks is using a random firewall without taking a notice on its possible functions and restrictions. However, still many companies are not aware of the data protection importance and as a result they decide to use no firewall at all which in the long run is even more risk-provoking than using a random firewall. The most reasonable and professional solution is to choose a firewall that would fulfill the companies’ needs and meet requirements. In other words, the first and foremost desirable characteristic of the right firewall is adjustment to a particular company.

In case of a firewall, data protection and maintaining control over systems are absolutely imperative and those functions are major as well as present in every technologically developed firewall. In order to protect data effectively it is crucial to learn more of firewall types which differ from each other in numerous characteristic features. Once a firewall is implemented in a company network computers are no longer vulnerable nor prone to be used by hackers if they manage to reach a possible security hole. There are three most popular methods of providing security by a firewall: packet filtering, proxy service and stateful inspection. Each of those methods can be used separately but the firewall is of the highest effectiveness level when they are combined. Thus, the most welcome firewall is the one that would base its work on one or more of those methods. Packet filtering enables firewall to analyze the incoming data packages so that they can be accepted or discarded. If a firewall is effective, only the authorized packages will pass the barrier. Another method that characterizes an effective firewall is proxy service based on retrieving data which later is to be requested by the system and then, the other way round. The last method is an inspection of data and comparing it to once trusted information.