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Antivirus software

3Antivirus software is one of the most important elements that must be taken into consideration when using a computer or other comparable device. Regardless of the type of operations that are to be performed on a daily basis antivirus software is essential due to the fact that it enables the system to defend itself from viruses of vast variety of kinds, attacks from hackers, malware and spyware. By the time when the first virus attack – controlled in fact – was documented in 1971 levels of creativity and skill of virus code writers and hackers have raised uncontrollably. The reasons of computer attacks can differ as it is dependant on hackers themselves why they write a virus code and then choose to infect personal computers or as in many situations occur, machines that are in fact the property of government. The effect is however very similar regardless of the virus type. The result is always an infection and multiplicity of a virus so that it can affect further sectors of the system installed on a computer of other device which became an object of attack. Attack is in many cases launched due to make an inception through installing malicious software on the computer. Thus, computer becomes vulnerable and cannot defend itself successfully.

Antivirus software is designed to serve three major functions in case of a potential threat: to detect, to remove and to prevent. Those directives are an every situation priority despite the viruses’ complexity and variety. Not only the so to speak default malicious programs are perceived as a potential system threat to be detected and removed as advanced computer protection software is capable of storing in its’ database information of other malicious software kinds. Among many others, kinds of possible danger include malware, trojan horses, worms, spyware, backdoor programs and rootkits. Once a threat is detected antivirus eliminates each threat either by a fixation or a quarantine. The most important stage of antivirus software’s performance is detection which can occur on two basic types: signature-based detention based on data definition files and heuristic-based detection which detects also malicious programs unknown before. One of the biggest companies which is producing antivirus software is Symantec.